A Better Way to Exit

Rockpoint Capital provides business owners with liquidty and a dedicated, flexible succession plan that is different from traditional strategic or private equity buyers.

We Differentiate Ourselves From Traditional Exit Opportunities:

 Private EquityStrategic Buyer
Role of OwnerFlexible; board, consulting, reduced role, etc.Dictated by acquirer; often intense commitment or forced departureOften insignificant
Investment HorizonLong-termTypically 3 – 5 yearsVaries
FocusLong-term growthPure returns through financial engineering and aggressive cost cuttingThe parent company and your business is secondary
Deal TermsFlexible based on needs of sellerRigid with high leverageStock and/or cash
Importance to AcquirerSole investmentOne of many portfolio companiesOne of many divisions
GovernanceFocused Management and world class BoardInvestors with limited operational experienceLayers of management and bureaucracy above
Company LegacyPreserved and grownUncertainLikely eliminated